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Why Join?

"We must risk going too far to discover just how far we can go."  - Jim Rohn

Our Mission

The Dallas Holistic Chamber of Commerce is your resource for holistic and business education, professional relationship development, and community engagement in Dallas and the surrounding communities. Our mission is to raise awareness and to inspire change toward the holistic perspective. From the choices we make in promoting wellness to acting as stewards for our planet, we are committed to advancing the voice of the holistic message.

Our Vision

An empowered community committed to make informed decisions choosing natural and holistic solutions as the first choice.


CARING - Lead with compassion.

COMMUNITY - Cultivate genuine relationships with like-minded people.

EDUCATION - Provide opportunities for learning holistic approaches and business acumen.
IMPACT - Develop good stewards of body and planet.
INTEGRITY – Affiliate with credible business owners dedicated to ethical practices.
SERVICE - Prioritize quality support for clients, members, and the community at large.
HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE - Respect for the interconnectedness of all.  

Member Benefits


▪ Listing in Our Reference-Checked Online Directory
▪ Link-Backs to Your Business Website
▪ Promote Your Products and Services on our Social Media Sites
▪ DHCC Hosted Ribbon Cutting for Your Business Opening


▪ Attend Regular Meetings FREE!
▪ Receive Member-to-Member-Only Special Offers
▪ Discounts on Special Event Attendance


▪ Increase Your Health and Wellness Knowledge
▪ Learn About Other Holistic Services and Products
▪ Gain Valuable Business Improvement Strategies


▪ Collaborate with Like-Minded Professionals
▪ Swap Referrals with Other Members
▪ Participate in Specialized Groups within the Chamber
▪ Serve at Community or Vendor Events
▪ Opportunity for Leadership on the Board of Directors

Our Logo Story

DHCC Logo green white background.png

When we set out to create a new logo, we wanted it to mean something. Every aspect of our logo

represents something about who we are, what we stand for, and what we strive to accomplish. 


Flower of Life – Holistic philosophy can best be defined by The Flower of Life. The overlapping circles create a flower-like form symbolizing the unity of all things.  The 7 circles represent our 7 core values and the synergy of individuals as we come together to connect for one purpose.


Circle Border –The outer circles appear as a brushstroke, not a solid line, to represent movement. The border completes the logo, reminding us not to simply connect, but to work together towards a shared goal.


The Color Green Represents:

  • New Beginnings.  We recommit annually to evolving and growth.

  • Nature. We stand in support of nature and the natural world.

  • Health.  We demonstrate health in all areas of life and business.

  • Prosperity. We support holistic-minded businesses in growth and success.

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