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Member Success Stories

"We can have more than we've got because we can become more than we are."
Jim Rohn

I am so thankful to have met SO many holistic practitioners through the Dallas Holistic Chamber!  After only a year, I count many of them among my dear friends. The meetings are fun and informative, and they throw great parties, but I am most grateful for their continued support and encouragement of me and my business.

Toni Engram, DDS, AIAOMT

Flourish Dental Boutique

What an amazing group of innovative thinkers. I was blown away by the caliber of individuals I met. Each with a unique passion and commitment to their professional journeys and all committed to helping one another succeed. Never underestimate a small group of people committed to the same cause. That is where REAL change happens.

Amy Myers

It’s great to be able to collaborate with other naturopathic professionals on a regular basis. The connections are educational, beneficial and inspirational.

Kerri Simpson

The Well Nut Wellness & Nutrition Center

Joining the Dallas Holistic Chamber of Commerce has opened my eyes to the wide variety of complementary therapies that are available in the Metroplex. I love that I can now refer my patients to practitioners with lesser known specialties in addition to high-quality chiropractors, counselors, coaches, and doctors. While the fact that I receive referrals to my clinic is a huge benefit of my Chamber membership, even more important than that is the sense of community that comes with being a member. 

Working in holistic health can make it difficult to connect with others in more traditional networking groups, but at the DHCC everyone has the goal of helping people learn to heal naturally - mind, body, and spirit. I always learn something new in the biweekly lectures and have truly enjoyed building relationships with the other professionals at these meetings. The cost of joining is much lower than that of a municipal chamber, so there's no reason not to choose the health-centered organization that aligns with your values and mission.

Kathleen Ellerie, L.Ac., AP, Dipl. O.M.

Beachside Community Acupuncture

I’ve been a board member and Ambassador for the Dallas Holistic Chamber for several years. I’m so enriched by this group and membership is such a fulfilling part of my life. The members are warm and wonderful professionals who have such caring hearts. They offer a wealth of information for the community and numerous paths to wellness. Membership offers support, connections and referrals, and a welcoming feeling of belonging to our “tribe”. 

I love belonging and participating! It’s my “warm fuzzy” treat to myself to attend meetings and events, learn and celebrate friendship. I’ve received support, referrals and knowledge. I love being a member – and we have fun too!

Barbara Larrabee

Longevity Wellness Specialist

I have been a member of the Dallas Holistic Chamber for several years.  I have met people with whom I would not have otherwise crossed paths, and developed friendships with them. I have also established trading-for-services partners. This practice has allowed me all-important regularly scheduled self-care.

Having volunteered on the Board in several capacities has afforded me an understanding of what is required to steer the course of this organization. Many hands lighten the load and I encourage anyone to consider contributing your time to this worthwhile non-profit.

I have found the quality of the programs to be both personally and professionally enhancing. I learn about various modalities from many of the practitioners, often recommending them to my clients when I see a good fit. To me, this is a group of heart-centered, intelligent, hard-working individuals with the same overall goal of increasing their own health and joy and then expanding it outwards to the community.

Mary Ellen Dorey, RA

Dorey AromaTherapy & Reflexology

What a wonderful group of holistic professionals! It’s an open-hearted community of wellness-driven people who truly care and want to make an impact on society. A wide variety of practices are represented and there’s a very collaborative effort to work with each other and embrace each other’s specialties. A very inspirational and insightful experience!

Sandy Vaught Anthony

Zumba Fitness Instructor

I always learn something new and exciting in health care. I enjoy being around like minded Holistic practitioners. I have tried many new therapies since joining this group and appreciate the value each brings to the table.

Miriam Richard

Dogs in Vests

I have been a member of the Dallas Holistic Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years.  In all my years of being in business and being involved in many networking groups (since about 2000), the Dallas Holistic Chamber of Commerce is the only one that I have stuck with. The relationships I have made in this group are close and personal, each person being truly interested in how we can help one another succeed.  We are all so like-minded and want the very best for our clients and friends.  

This is a topnotch group with so much integrity in the work that each one does. They are also some of the most fun friends I have in my life! Thank you, DHCC, for promoting me all the time and being there for me when I've needed you.

Brenda Briscoe, LMT

Bowen Practitioner

Living Well Health & Wellness

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