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Your Fertility Coach Dora

Dora Toma

Functional Medicine Health Coach, Women’s Health & Fertility Expert

As she was facing for years several health challenges due to hormone imbalances like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Hashimoto’s, she realized that she couldn’t find relief from her symptoms as she was hoping through conventional medicine. She wanted to find better ways to get her health in the optimal shape, not just take pharmaceuticals for life. So she got introduced to a functional medicine practitioner and in a few months, with the help of a few dietary and lifestyle changes she was able to manage all her symptoms and feel her best. Seeing the amazing results that she had, she became fascinated by the functional medicine approach and she jumped in the journey of helping others feel their best by becoming a Functional Medicine Health Coach.

Women’s health and fertility has always been under Dora's radar,  but after losing her first pregnancy at 23 weeks, she realized how unsupportive is the medical system for women who are looking to conceive or who are already pregnant.

Dora's knowledge and experience allows her to empower women of all ages with ideal solutions that help them get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Her approach is to make sure you are mastering the foundations of your health and fertility so your body does what knows best - to make babies. The pillars that make this foundations are: nutrition, stress resilience, sleep quality, relationships, and exposure to endocrine disrupters. Whether you want to get help from a fertility clinic/doctors or not, your success will always depend on how strong your foundation is.

While working together she will help you reach your fertility and health goals and walk you step by step in overcoming all the fears that come with pregnancy and postpartum.

Services Available:

1:1 Coaching programs specially designed for your health needs:

Coaching for Hormone Balance

Coaching For Optimal Health

Coaching for Growing the Baby Bump

What to expect from each package:

  • 3 months long program

  • 3 package options of 6, 10, or 12 sessions of 45 minutes

  • Meeting via video chat

  • Recipes, educational handouts, and helpful resources

  • Feedback on food journaling

  • Restaurant/office catering/takeout recommendations

  • Unlimited text messaging through the portal and response within 48 business hours

  • Get educated on what your labs mean, what else you could investigate with your doctor and what questions to ask

  • Access to the online dispensary where you will find hundreds of professional grade supplements

  • Guidance in the areas of nutrition, detoxification, healthy mindset, stress management, mindfulness and meditation, optimal sleep, movement and exercise appropriate for your needs

Start by booking your 30 minute Discovery Call and you will gain direction what areas you need to address and which program will best fit your needs.

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

20% off the health coaching services booked for yourself or a close family member

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