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Dogs in Vests

Miriam Richard PT

Author, Speaker, Dog Facilitator

I’m a mother, researcher, author, and dog-socializing extraordinaire with a 20 year physical therapy background. 

Seeking alternatives to surgery, I utilized the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to heal my son’s Crohn’s. In tandem, I found my passion in socializing dogs during the beginning phase of their life to determine eligibility for service dog certification. Dogs trained in this early stage are referred to as a “started” dogs. They are well socialized outdoors as well as rigorously trained in-home. From crate training to normal obedience they are prepared for the K-9 good citizen and public access examination. 

I’ve spent years compiling research, filming a documentary, and creating helpful videos to educate people on how to think and take care of themselves holistically. I continue to educate myself and help others do the same!

Services Available:

Train and socialize “started” dogs to aid in the adoption process of a dog on the path to becoming a full service animal.

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

Case by case basis! Call me to find out =)

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