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Barbara Larrabee

Barbara Larrabee

Longevity Wellness Specialist

Barbara was just 19 when her mom suddenly died at age 52 – way too young! Her doctor said to expect the same path but she was determined to have a different, healthier and longer journey. This inspired her to pay attention to science research and tools available over the years that were “alternative” or outside the box.

In her 20’s when it wasn’t cool she was “Mother Earth,” – organic gardening, food pairing, studying vitamins and minerals as well as diseases and how to prevent them, raising her kids on home cooking packed with nutrients. Her husband developed Type 2 diabetes with many complications and she entered a phase of putting her knowledge to work to not just address her own genetic heritage but to help him. Herbs, vitamins, minerals, wound care, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy, hair analysis-- many modalities.

In spite of all this knowledge, her own health and weight, literally, had its ups and downs, and one time she even weighed 207. She was seriously ill with copper poisoning. She had a head injury and subsequent stroke. She’s “been there, done that” and throughout all of this has been so grateful for the information and choices of therapy that have been available.

Fast forward to today….Barbara is channeling her passion for helping people through nutrigenomic products which wake up helpful genes and slow down harmful ones. It’s about addressing the blanket, core issues of inflammation, oxidative stress, cellular damage and the root causes of disease and aging. She has a Diploma in Personal Nutrition from Shaw Academy and a certification as a Longevity Wellness Specialist from AFPA (America Fitness Professionals Association.) Her products cover several broad categories: brain health, cellular anti-aging, animal health and longevity, skin and hair anti-aging and beauty, gut health and weight management.

Barbara’s clients are those who:

  • May have a health issue to resolve

  • Want to have more physical and brain energy

  • Are biohackers who want to utilize cutting edge science to live optimally and live years longer

  • Wanting to excel at physical performance – runners, body builders, personal trainers, fitness

  • Invest in preventive health

Barbara can also be reached at:

Services Available:

Barbara offers information on nutrigenomic solutions to wellness, fitness and longevity and products that support that science.  Easy changes that create big results.

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

For either a Chamber Member or any person the Member refers, I will offer a 20% discount on new first-time account orders. This would be in the form of a rebate through PayPal or another cash-transfer app.

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