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"Barefoot in the Grass": Nutrition and Wellness with Amy

Amy de Vernon, NTP

Nutritional Therapist and Weston A Price diet coach

Hi! My name is Amy and I'm passionate about helping people find real health through nutrition and wellness! 

I've been researching health cures through nutrition and traditional diet over the last ten years and love finding unique health solutions for my clients. I use nutritional therapy which investigates your diet and nutrition to help you meet your health goals. Nutritional therapy is one of the most powerful ways to address most health issues and it's often the key to finding relief to troubling health concerns! We now know that 70-90% of diseases are related to diet and lifestyle choices. 

Here are some of the areas I can help you:

· Hormonal Health

· Skin issues

· Digestion issues

· Weight issues

· Attention deficit

· General energy levels/fatigue

· Overall susceptibility to illness

· Improve most health issues

· Improve gut health

· Sleep issues

· Stress

· Heart health

· Work in conjunction with conventional medicine to improve overall outcomes.

The investment you make into your health will pay huge dividends in your future. I'd love to meet you and hear your story and see if I'm a good fit for your health needs!

Services Available:

I offer a three-month package of nutritional therapy. We will do a three day food and mood journal, and use in-depth forms using a sophisticated diagnostic tool (Nutri-Q) that helps me decipher which areas of health most need your attention. We prioritize healing your digestion, blood sugar, nutrient needs, hydration, and fatty acids - which are often the underlying problem for many health conditions.

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

I offer a $50 discount on my monthly price for other members!

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