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Beachside Community Acupuncture PLLC

Kathleen Ellerie, L.Ac., AP, Dipl. O.M.

Located on the border of Addison, Dallas, and Farmers Branch, Beachside Community Acupuncture is your way to not only reach your wellness goals with the healing power of acupuncture but also to take a relaxing "beach vacation" in North Texas. Treatments are on a sliding scale of $30-$50 (plus a one-time initial consult fee of $15), so you can afford to come in as often as you'd like. We suggest patients stay a full hour during their treatments to really relax - many fall asleep! - and the amount you choose to pay has absolutely no impact on the length or quality of your treatment. 

We were voted "Best Acupuncture" in Addison Guide's 2019 Readers' Choice Awards, and Top Rated Local ranked us "Best Acupuncture in Texas" in 2019.

Community acupuncture is a growing "movement" in America that gets back to the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture was originally practiced in a group setting so that everyone could benefit from each other's healing energies. If other people in your life - your spouse, your children, your friends, your co-workers - can also benefit from acupuncture, consider booking a back-to-back appointment with them so you can share the experience together.

Services Available:

Community acupuncture with Chinese diet therapy, Chinese herbal formulas, whole-food supplements, essential oils, and other lifestyle advice recommended as needed.

Member to Member Special Offer(s):


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