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Ruby Ben Health

Ruby Ben

Health Guide, Speaker, Educator

I’m Ruby and I GUIDE and LEAD women from living WITH their ILLness to HEALing from their illness once and for all. 

I’ve chosen to use my own personal struggles as an opportunity for Growth & Healing for both myself and other women.  Endometriosis & Infertility consumed my life. I have become obsessed with finding the ‘magic fix’.  The one thing that will get me better.  At all costs. When all the doctors used their ‘one size fits all’ approach on me, I was determined to find the reason for my struggles.  Because there has to be something that can be done. 

This journey of discovering and RESTORING my body to its natural health has empowered and inspired me to HELP and EMPOWER more women to balance and restore their natural rhythm.  A journey where a woman authentically understands her body.  A journey where a woman understands her body's whispers...

My mission is to help women release themselves from the binds of their diagnosis, whatever that may be.  You can believe the diagnosis but you don't have to believe the prognosis.  Reach out. Let's chat.

I specialize in:

Perios Pain





Weight Loss

And more...

Services Available:

Free 20 minutes consultation - where I locate your Triggers and replace them with Healers.  We'll see if we're a fit and how I can help you Get your health BACK.

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

20%  off when choosing to work in a 4-weeks container (Optimal time for results)

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