NuHorizons Holistic Health

Ruthann Weedfall, BBA, CHC, CNC, DMT

Weight Loss Health Coach

For many years Ruthann suffered with her own health issues during her busy corporate career. In seeking relief, she desperately wanted to avoid the pharmaceutical/surgery path that our current system of care offers. In her journey to seek out root causes and natural solutions, she began to understand the connections between hormone imbalances and her health issues.

These connections evolved into 8 effective strategies and surefire solutions to natural hormone balancing that allowed Ruthann to achieve major healing and weight loss. These strategies are now the framework Ruthann uses with her clients who want to take control of their health to be effective at home, in their careers and to have mastery over the illusive and worst cases of hormone imbalances that hijack and interfere with quality of life.

Services Available:

Ask Ruthann to speak to your group, lead a workshop or do a food demo. We can start with the:

  • Intermittent Fasting (workshop)

  • Top Tips for Women’s Hormone Health (workshop)

  • Top 5 Bandits in your Pantry Hijacking Your Hormones (workshop)

  • Boost Your Immune System for Pennies (food demo)

Work with Ruthann in the following ways to jump-start your health:

  • Hair Mineral Analysis Test

  • Gut Repair and Restoration

  • Health Food Store Tour

  • Full Body Cleanse

  • Blood Sugar Support

  • Healthy Inflammation Response

  • Supplement Consults

Reserve 1x1 coaching to begin your transformation:

  • Initial Breakthrough Session (start here)

  • Comprehensive Client Assessment

  • 6 or 12 Month Custom Private Coaching Programs

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

Forever 20% discount on all Thorne Supplements

$50 off your first Hair Mineral Analysis Test