Kathy Schlund Coaching

Kathy Schlund, CACP, CCO

Chief Change Officer

Everyone is seeking to succeed at something, whether it is professional, generating income, relationships, living a happy life, staying fit and healthy… and, although the goal might be different from person to person, the means for achieving and sustaining that goal is always the same. No matter how much we desire an outcome, we won’t be successful at creating it without first having the foundational qualities in place. 

Kathy has tools to quickly identify what is getting in the way, develop the internal qualities and skills necessary for success, removes the subconscious blocks, and helps put the actions in to place to achieve their outcomes in all areas of life. It’s more than accountability. It’s about banishing the blocks in her clients way to fast, impressive results easily. 


Additionally, with a 25-year background as a registered dietitian, Kathy knows and understands the impact good nutrition and other healthy lifestyle habits have on mental function, sustained motivation and performance for achieving outcomes even in those areas outside of health outcomes. Everything is interconnected. 

In addition to education and experience in the health care field, Kathy encourages individuals and families to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diets daily with Juice Plus and Tower Gardens. KSNutrition.com

Wondering if Coaching is for you? Complete this short survey and receive a complementary 30 minute coaching evaluation. http://www.quantumleapuniversity.org/gps-survey?coach=99

Services Available:

Life Coaching, Goal Reaching Coaching and Programs, Trauma Recovery, Leadership Training, Key Note Speaking, Workshops, Nutrition Counseling, CORE MAP® evaluations, RAMP®, Ideal Life Vision® individual and group programs.

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

RAMP® session and/or CORE MAP evaluation to any member at 50% off in addition to the SUCCESS GPS evaluation and 30 minute review at no charge.

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