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Mary L. Thomas, PT, LLCC, DTM

Physical Therapist, Owner

As a gymnastics and dance enthusiast I've always loved to move! It was my life. After 17 surgeries and being diagnosed with Lyme's disease, I couldn't move anymore. I refused to accept what several doctors had told me, “this was as good as it would get”.

I did my own research. What I discovered changed the way I looked at the medical industry and how I had been trained to practice as a physical therapist. This led to the development of my proprietary treatment The BODi Power System.

I’ve dedicated my life and career to sharing my method with those who lost their ability to do what they love because I understand we need to move well to really live.

I want every person to know they can transition from a life of pain and acceptance to a life of joy and freedom. I love seeing individuals realize they have the power to be the change they want to experience in their lives.

Services Available:

Physical Therapy

Advanced Cell Training

Lymphatic Drainage for Complex Decongestion

Essential Oil Education and Use

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