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Dynamic Pain and Stress Management

Laura Rose Tellez

Certified Biofeedback Practitioner

The American Medical Association states that over 80% of all disease is caused by stress and trauma. Both Einstein and Tesla believed the future of medicine is frequency based. 

During a session, the device sends over 11,000 frequencies to the body via head, wrist and ankle straps to gauge the body's reaction to the particular frequency. These frequencies can be a food, emotion, disease, chemical etc...

Once the body responds to the frequency, the feedback from your body goes back into the SCIO device and the results are put into a large spreadsheet with the corresponding numerical values. This is why it's called biofeedback. Of course, we cannot deal with all 11,000 items in one session, so we granulate it down to what's called the risk profile. 

We work on all items showing a numerical value of over 100. These are the most stressed areas calling for relief.  The chronic items are listed at 50 and below. These items most likely have been going on for a long time and while your body has attempted to adapt to them, they still cause underlying stress in the body and mind. These are oftentimes related to stress and traumas experienced during our younger years. 

The retraining part is happening simultaneously. As we are identifying where the stress frequencies in the body are located, we are also sending the healthy frequency to retrain the body with the proper frequency for that area. Once the stress is relieved, the body can do what it does best and heal. The SCIO device is a Class 2 medical device.

Services Available:

Retrain your body and mind sessions using biofeedback

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

10% off your first session

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