Collins Wellness Center

Diane Collins, ND, LMT

Naturopath, Licensed Massage Therapist

Collins Wellness Center uses a whole body approach in working with the body. We look for the root problem, not just dealing with symptoms but nourishing, detoxing, balancing and rebuilding at the cellular level. 

We use a Holistic Technology Assessment tool that sends a little stimuli to various organs and glands, generating a report on the computer that shows the areas that need balancing. We take that information along with the Health History and create a regimen, that often includes a Healthy Eating Cooking Class, detoxing the body, nutritional cellular therapy and fitness. 

We use Massage Therapy to help clients destress, making sure tissue, muscles, circulation and lymphatic drainage are healthy, drains are working properly and nutrients are assimulating, and flowing through the body properly. Massage is a key component because it taps into the circulatory system and lymphatic system which carries nutrients to the cells and excrete the toxins. 

Peace and balance in the internal and external environment produces health and wellness.

Services Available:

Holistic Technology Assess

Massage Therapy Lymphatic Drainage 

Corporate Chair Massage for Employers 


PEMF Migun Bed 

Ionic Foot Detox Bath 

Detox Sauna 

Healthy Eating Cooking Class 

Diabetes Lifestyle Coach

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