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Ana Noyce

Author, Public Speaker, Teacher, Energy Practitioner, Akashic Reader

Ana speaks and teaches Light Language workshops about personal energy signatures and how to utilize Spirit anatomy using spiritual gifts. This opens up many opportunities on a multidimensional level in understanding the different choices we have for our physical and mental well-being.

Ana is an Usui & Karuna® Master Reiki Teacher. She is certified in Akashic Record consulting and is a Blessing Giver. She also studied under various Spiritual Teachers as she progressed in understanding the connection of the physical and spiritual world as One.

Ana earned her Bachelor of Science degree from North Texas State University in Textile Chemistry and Design. Later she pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Texas at Arlington which she uses to facilitate Light Language courses designed to help those wanting to understand how they fit into the great scheme of things as multi- dimensional beings.

Recently, Ana has written two books. Her first book is called A Journey into the Sacred Heart, which is an account of her spiritual journey and some of the wisdom that was passed on to her along the way from teachers in both the physical and Spirit world. Her second book is a Children's book for Adults called In the Mind of the Creator, inspired by an astral projection, which propelled her into experiencing the consciousness of One mind.

Ana and her husband reside in Richardson, TX where she writes and teaches while taking time to work on her art.

Services Available:

Reiki, Akashic Readings, Spirit Rescue, Synergy healing

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20% off Gift Certificate

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