Bonrich Academy

Richard Fix, CNHP, CHS, MDS, LMT

Medical Microcurrent Specialist

I am a medical specialist trained in the use of Microcurrent technology. Stresses, including physical, emotional and environmental, can produce inflammation and lead to a slowing of the metabolic rate, which simply means – Less Energy!  Less Energy – if allowed to continue can lead to a greatly reduced function in all body systems including Nervous, Digestive, Hormonal, Muscular and Skeletal, etc. Joints begin to ache, brain fog becomes more common, thyroid can't keep up, depression can develop and optimism is no longer. 

Using Medical Microcurrent I train you to be able to destress whenever you want and learn how to elevate your body metabolism and recover energy levels- maybe to levels you haven't felt in years!  I'll show you how to use Microcurrent to strengthen old tired muscles so you can regain lost abilities and motilities. Your sleep can improve as inflammation disappears, digestion becomes better and the body is able to process and absorb nutrients and put them to work for you.

Services Available:

Richard is available to show you how a microcurrent device can help relieve your pain and help you on the road to recovery. 

He is available for phone consults and in person demonstrations. 

Richard also does training sessions, both for clients who want to own a device and for practitioners who want to use the devices in their practice- often training their staff.  

He would love to come and speak to your group or do a workshop for your clients.

Member to Member Special Offer(s):

Distributor programs are available for practitioners.